We produce the flags
While using sublimate or silk-screened method of production. We can produce the flags sewed in the manual way.

We will make
National flags, EU flags, ship flags, flags of international organizations, flags of enterprises, flags of concerns, flags of public institutions and business flags from the chosen colors with various signs, images, logotypes.

Flags are made
Of high quality textiles. We use double and triple lacing for lacing of flags.

Why is it worth to choose the staffs from fiberglass?
Resistant to mechanic effect (simple construction of fiberglass easily withstands 25 m/s wind)
light (considering the length of staff, they weigh only 14-42 kg). Therefore, it is simple to maintain, transport, tighten them
flexible – withstands a part of wind waft power, therefore, the flag is affected by smaller power. The primary outside of flag is kept longer
non-conducting to electricity
unnecessary to paint because the whole mass of fiberglass, of which they are made, is colorful
the surface of staff is even, therefore the flapping flag does not wear and tear so quickly regarding the friction to the staff
The staffs are mechanically resistant, simple construction of fiberglass is resistant to wind speed till 25 m/s, are flexible, light (14 - 42 kg). The staffs are stainless, therefore, they do not need additional maintenance, painting, non-conducting to electricity, easily put. The set of staff is made of all elements of fastening necessary to build.


1. Indoor lifting mechanism of flag (rope inside)

2. Stationary banner bar

3. Banner lift

According to the requests of clients we can deliver colorful staffs of flags

1. Any colors from RAL color palette

* - delivery duration 2-6 weeks, subject to the color.

The tops are: “onion” golden or silver color, “mushroom” white color;
Delivery: while buying 3 units and more free of charge delivery in Vilnius city (except 10 and 12 m height);
We have white staffs of flags of all heights in the warehouses being in Vilnius and Klaipeda.

We perform the arrangement works of flags
From concrete pouring of flag’s base, lifting, adjustment of flag’s staff, to hoisting of flag. We arrange Your staffs of flags in any place of Lithuania. All arrangement works of flag are performed within 2-3 days.

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