We provide the services of sticky film, cutting (plotering) and pasting of stickers.
We plotter with high quality plotters Rolland that can quickly and accurately cut the sticky films, which are applied in the production of indoor and outdoor promotion, typography of transport vehicles, interior, production of exhibition stands and other promotional works.

We can change the most proper color of plotering film.

Used materials

Matted filters
These semi-clear films meet the highest requirements. Its surface is satin, therefore, the undesirable reflections do not conclude. It is possible to choose from 55 colors, service time of film is till 7 years. These films of graphic depiction excellently suit for the creation of complex compositions on lightened glass, acrylic glass and tight material of posters. Both dry and wet method of pasting is possible; in both cases glues do not change the color.

Tilt film
This film of graphic depiction is used to create the posters, tarpaulins, stripes and other elastic surfaces. It excellently adjusts to any surface, remains tight in the most complicating conditions. It is easy to take it and it does not leave any marks.

Film of long-term guarantee
Specially made to use in the equipment of cutting drawing. This film is chosen while making the elements of records, signs and decoration when high quality requirements are raised. It is especially suitable for high quality promotion on transport vehicles and public transport. It also can be pasted on uneven, curved, corrugated surfaces. The suitability of this type film is till 10 years.

Sticky films reflecting the light
Nor bad visibility or bad air conditions have influence on the excellent characteristics of reflection of these films. Their surface is resistant to scuffmarks and hits and withstands erosion, corrosion and solvents well. The films are used on cars, screens, signboards, as well on safety sun-blinds and safety belts of various items.


Fluorescent films
The films of this series are used for promotions on transport vehicles, plates of names and all type graphic signs, which require special visibility. This film distinguishes from other series film with its unique characteristics, which permit for the film to dominate during the various parts of day. Their effect of shine is well seen while dawning, darkening, in dusk. The suitability of film is 2 years.

Metallized films
These films are used for high quality decorative labels, records, technical tables, decoration and safety signs. Permanent dimensional stability is typical to the films. Printing is possible on these films.

Films gathering light
Special PVC film of three-layers, sulphur, without cadmium with matted satin surface. Regarding the effect of afterglow it has long-term and very strong luminescence when the lighting of stimulation is turned off. The stimulation can be repeated as often as it is necessary, it does not change the phosphorescent characteristics of film. The film is used for the production of emergency signs and marking of dangerous places.

Films of window graphics
These films are used for those places where it is wanted to get illuminated glass surfaces of various patterns, image of mist-hoarfrost or image of rugged, cut glass, processed with sand flow. Clear films give multiple possibilities to glamorize shop windows, glass doors, walls and other glass surfaces. 8300 series UV film can be covered in order to get excellent nuances of color, therefore, creative possibilities are practically unlimited. The suitability is till 7 years.

Protective films
215/290 – is used for the protection of printings of great format printed by the digital method in the indoor and outdoor conditions. It is also suitable to use in the conditions of warmth and moisture regime of electrostatic pressure. 250/255AS – very tight, non-slip film suitable for the protection of floor drawings while coldly laminating.

Films for digital printing
These films are used for high quality colorful printings in outdoor conditions for short, medium and long period. Perforated films are used for window graphics.

Holographic films
It is possible to use these films of glossy surface for the decoration of promotional stands, interior of windows. Glossy reflecting surface gives exclusive effect for the decorated surface.

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